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5400   5400 Series Wall-a-way Reclining Lift Chair with Coordinating Pillow
BL100-DR   AquaJoy Premier Plus Bath Lift
BL200-DR   AquaJoy Saver Fixed Back Bathlift
2050   Assist-A-Tray by Standers
567007   Bathmaster Sonaris Reclining Bath Lift
CA200   Carex Uplift Commode Assist
PR-514-MLA   Cloud PR-514 MaxiComfort with Twilight
PR-505   Comforter PR-505 with MaxiComfort Lift Chair
MC-520   Cozzia MC-520 Mobility Lay-Flat Lift Chair Zero Gravity
PR-632   DayDreamer Power Pillow PR-632 with MaxiComfort Lift Chair
477150312   Drive 477150312 Whisper Automatic Bath Lift
477200252   Drive Medical Bellavita Tub Lift
Tilt   EZ Access TiLT Toilet Incline Lift
185   Flex-A-Bed 185 Adjustable Hi-Low Bed Package
790   Flex-A-Bed Premier Adjustable Bed Package
PR-722   Golden Burlington PR-722 3-Position Lift Chair
PR-401   Golden Cambridge PR-401 3-Position Lift Chair
PR-200   Golden Capri PR-200 2-Position Lift Chair
PR-508   Golden Cirrus PR-508 w/ MaxiComfort Lift Chair
PR-510   Golden Cloud PR-510 with MaxiComfort Lift Chair
PR-501   Golden Comforter PR-501 3-Position w/ Coil Lift Chair
PR-501W   Golden Comforter PR-501 Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position
PR-404   Golden Imperial PR-404 3-Position w/Power Pillow Headrest
PR-756   Golden MaxiComfort Relaxer PR-756 Lift Chair
PR-355   Golden Monarch PR-355 3-Position Lift Chair
PR-512   Golden Power Cloud PR-512 with MaxiComfort Lift Chair
PR-713   Golden Pub Chair PR-713 with MaxiComfort Lift Chair
Heat-and-Massage   Heat and Massage
PR-502   Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position 700 lb Capacity
5900LE   Leather Edition - Med Lift 5900 Wall-Hugger Bentley Lift Chair
5955LE   Leather Edition - Med Lift 5955 Bentley Full Sleeper Lift Chair
13085   Lift Chair Table by Drive Medical
5500W   Med Lift 5500 WIDE 2-Position Wall-Hugger Reclining Lift Chair
ML5600   Med Lift 5600 Wall-Hugger Reclining Lift Chair With Fold-Out Arms
5900   Med Lift 5900 Wall-Hugger Bentley Reclining Power Lift Chair
5955   Med Lift 5955 Bentley Full Sleeper Reclining Power Lift Chair
1155   Med Lift Reliance 1155 2 Position Reclining Lift Chair
5300   Med Lift Reliance 5300 Wall-Hugger Power Reclining Lift Chair
5355   Med Lift Reliance 5355 Full Sleeper Power Reclining Lift Chair
MEDLIFT3653   Med-Lift 3653 Bariatric Three-Way Reclining Lift Chair
5500   Med-Lift 5500 Wall-a-Way Reclining Lift Chair
ML5555   Med-Lift 5555 Full Lay Out Power Lift Chair Sleeper Recliner
ML5555P   Med-Lift 5555P Petite Full Lay Out Power Lift Chair Sleeper Recliner
ML5555H   Medlift 5555 Standard Headrest
1153   MedLift Reliance 1153 3 Position Reclining Lift Chair
foam-   memory foam pad
PLR975   Pride Elegance VivaLift Power Lift Recliner
LC-358XL   Pride Heritage Heavy Duty LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair
LC-358XXL   Pride Heritage Heavy Duty LC-358XXL 2-Position Lift Chair
LC-358   Pride Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position Lift Chair
LC-558   Pride Heritage LC-558 Infinite Position Lift Chair
NM-158   Pride Home Decor NM-158 3-Position Lift Chair
NM-415   Pride Home Decor NM-415 3-Position Lift Chair
NM-435   Pride Home Decor NM-435 3-Position Lift Chair
NM-475   Pride Home Decor NM-475 3-Position Lift Chair
LC-105   Pride LC-105 3-Position Lift Chair
LC-250   Pride LC-250 3-Position Classic Lift Chair
LC-455   Pride LC-455 3-Position Lift Chair
LC-380I   Pride Oasis LC-380i 3-Postition Lift Chair
LC-580I   Pride Oasis LC-580i Zero Gravity Lift Chair
PLR945M   Pride Perfecta VivaLift Power Lift Recliner, With Power Pillow
PLR925   Pride VivaLift Metro Power Lift Recliner,
PLR965   Pride VivaLift Urbana Power Lift Recliner,
Serta-860   Serta Perfect 860 Brookfield 3 Position Lift Chair
Serta-870   Serta Perfect 870 Norwich 3 Position Wall Huger Lift Chair
Serta-893   Serta Perfect 893 Newton 3 Position Lift Chair
Serta-900   Serta Perfect 900 Sheffield 3 Position Lift Chair
Serta-920   Serta Perfect 920 Oceanside 3 Position Lift Chair
Serta-592   Serta Perfect Winston 592 Infinite Position Lift Chair
PR-931   Space Saver PR-931 2-Position Lift Chair
tax   tax
UPE-P100   UPEASY Power Seat
Upe1   UPEASY Seat Assist Portable Lifting Seat
158   Value-Flex Adjustable Bed by Flex-A-Bed Package
whiteglove   Whit Glove Service
Platinum   White Glove Platinum Service (Set up and Tested)
whiteglove1   WhiteGlove Service

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