Lift Chair Style Buying Guide

Lift Chair Selection, Measuring and Buying Guide!

Has it become harder and possibly painful to get up from the couch or out of that old recliner? Upgrading to a new Powered Lift Chair or Lift Recline Chair can make getting from sitting to standing much easier as the lift chair actually lifts you comfortably to a near standing position.

With many models available, how can I make a selection and get the proper chair? Lift chairs come in different models, based on size, positions and styles.

Below are 6 points to consider when selecting your lift chair?

1) The number of positions, yes here choosing more positions is better! A lift chair is an item that can provide you years of use as well as comfort. Wisely spending a few dollars more up front and getting a lift chair that provides you real comfort, is money well spent.


2-Position Lift Chair:

This is a basic chair. It’s for a client that only wants to sit in an upright position. They only recline to a 45 degree angle, however they provide full lift function.


3-Position lift Recline Chair :

This style allows a full recline, however it functions with just a single motor so the footrest moves in step with the backrest position.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs or Zero Gravity Lift Chairs
Infinite Position Lift Chairs or Zero Gravity Lift Chairs :

The infinite position lift chair has multiple motors and allows independent function of the back and footrest. Allowing a client to adjust the lift chair in any position for maximum comfort. This is because of its ability to have a full recline function, it is also used by many as a sleeper chair.

2)Just like your comfortable armchair, selecting the proper size lift chair to fit is extremely important! Selecting a model that is too small, your not going to be comfortable, one that’s to large and your feet are off the floor. If you are going to make the purchase online, review the measurements given in the product specifications. We offer lift chairs in many specialty styles to fit most body types, Tall, Wide, Baratric, Petite and many more!

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Recommended Height: This takes into consideration the dimensions of the chair and provides a fairly accurate recommendation as to how tall the user of the chair should be. This is one of the most important measurements, because this determines how high the lift chair rises. A riser recliner designed for an individual who is much taller would not be safe.

Floor to Top of Seat (FTP):
This measurement is taken when the chair is in its upright position and is used when figuring the lift chairs recommended height.
Seat Depth (SD):
The depth of the seat is figured by measuring the seat from the front to back, stopping at the backrest.
Seat Width (SW):
This refers to the distance in between the armrests.
Seat to Top of Back (STB):
This is the measurement of the distance from the bottom of the backrest where it meets the seat to the top of the chair.

3. Consider the Living Area
: Fairly tight area in your living room to place the chair? Does it need to be against a wall? Offered are wall hugger models, that can be placed and start as close as 3" from a wall and slide open forward without banging into the wall behind it!

4. Consider Options: Lift chairs are a long term purchase, consider how many are you going to buy. Higher end models provide features such as heated seats, lift speed variations, vibrating seats and cup holders. While these may seem unnecessary, people with aches and pains could find them very soothing and worth the higher price tag.

5. Of course, décor is important: We offer 80 different models as well as up to 35 fabric choices on most models, it's very possible to closely match a lift chair to most existing furniture colors.

6. Its a purchase that can provide comfort for many years, work within your budget. But remember it about your comfort! Your going to spend a lot of time in the chair, I highly recommend that you consider that when selecting.

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